In the past few years cocaine abuse and use has slipped “underneath the radar” compared to prescription drug abuse. Cocaine addiction, however, is still a major hassle within the United States. Since 2000 there has been an bold anti-drug settlement between Columbia and the US known as “Plan Colombia.” The United States has spent around seven billion bucks seeking to fight the influx of medicine from Columbia with out a great deal achievement. In spite of the settlement and the tremendous amount of money spent, Colombia nevertheless produces approximately 535 metric heaps of cocaine a year. Most of the cocaine is sent to the US. In fact, more or less ninety percent of all of the cocaine offered in the United States comes from Colombia.

According to the World Health flake cocaine Organization, about sixteen percent of Americans have experimented with cocaine. Cocaine addiction has taken a “lower back seat” to prescription drug addiction however it nonetheless remains a massive trouble. The call for for cocaine within the United States has been fueling the drug’s production in Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru for years. One of the motives for the United States’ failure to cut back cocaine production is the call for created from those who go through with cocaine dependancy. The amount of the drug produced in Colombia has been about the equal for the past ten years. In mild of the disappointing numbers, it seems that America’s contemporary approach towards drug abuse has confirmed to be insufficient. According to the U.S. Drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, there desires to be a focal point now not handiest on manufacturing but additionally on prevention and call for.

Debbie Ross, the executive director of a Florida drug rehab claims that cocaine dependancy is principal hassle. Mr. Ross additionally states that inside the past couple of years her drug rehab software has visible an increase in folks who are seeking assist with prescription drug dependancy than with cocaine addiction. The Florida drug rehab government director warns, “We can be seeing extra humans stricken by prescription drug dependancy than cocaine dependancy; but, that doesn’t lessen the seriousness of the cocaine dependancy trouble in the United States.”

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