Dubai is a popular tourism destination for those looking to see modern architectural wonders. The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower. All of the other world’s wealthiest citizens visit Dubai to enjoy the luxuries of this city. Although Dubai is so much more than a glamorous city with thousands of luxurious cars or residential places at La Rosa VillaNova Dubai or any other places, and for those who want to see the more historical and suburban areas of the region, here is a list of some of the most overlooked places to see in Dubai:

Souq Naif

Although many visitors flock to Dubai’s Gold and Spice Souqs to buy, Souq Naif caters to the more curious traveler. This huge souq will give you a peek into the traditional market lifestyle for Dubai locals, from glamorous Arabic-inspired clothes to Persian carpets, from regional snacks and dates to Indian-run food shops.

Mirdif City Centre

The much larger Dubai Mall appears to outweigh Mirdif City Centre, but this shopping mall seems like one of those underestimated gems that all travelers must visit! It has a welcoming, family environment and is great for people who want to watch local Emirati families and Arab residents of Dubai go shopping. Mirdif City Centre also has plenty of name-brand supermarkets, cafes, delightful restaurants, and shops to satisfy all of your shopping needs!

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Many visitors would flock to the fascinating beaches of Jumeriah and JBR, but Al Mamzar Beach Park is just as lovely for a sunbathe or a stroll along the coast road. You won’t be overwhelmed by visitors seeking to grab a sand spot here; instead, you’ll find a tidy beach, a green park, families, and even tasty food stalls! Al Mamzar Beach also has women-only days for those who wear the hijab or who like to enjoy the outdoors without the intruding eyes of men.

Dubai Desert Conservation Centre

A journey to Dubai will be incomplete without a visit to the desert, but choosing which tour or activity to enjoy can be challenging. Rather than paying for a tourist trap ride, experience the Dubai Desert Conservation Centre, which seeks to inform about wildlife in the deserts as well as offer group tours into the desert for tourists to witness the real desert and heritage of the Emirates. When learning about Dubai’s typical environment, you’ll be able to ride camels, carry a falcon, or even spend the evening in the desert.

Dubai Museum

Although many visitors see Dubai as a new, even modern world for the most globalized of people, many overlook the fact that Dubai has a rich historical and cultural heritage that all Emiratis are glad to keep. Instead of being swept up in the city’s superficial elements, visit the Dubai Museum, which is situated in the historic Al Fahidi Fort, for a learning program and to know about the lives of Emirati Arabs and local cultural heritage. You will not be disappointed by this experience, and you will gain a new respect for Dubai’s roots.

Dubai Creek

For its popularity as Dubai’s historic center, many tourists dislike Dubai Creek due to its dirty, gritty image. It is, however, a worthy place for those who like to see Dubai before the new skyscrapers and malls.

Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple

Ultimately, this Sikh Temple in the heart of Dubai is a must-see for those interested in learning about the religions and cultures of all those who immigrated to Dubai and contributed to the growth of a city that all too often overlooks the sacrifices of migrant workers. Appreciate the job that Pakistani and Indian workers have done for the city of Dubai while admiring the magnificent beauty of the Sikh temple.

Though these are only a few of Dubai’s lesser-known attractions, tourists who want to get a true sense of the city can explore beyond the Dubai Mall and Jumeriah Beach and into the more regional, less glamourous areas to enjoy the city’s diversity. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll leave Dubai with a better understanding of the mysteries that this part of the Arab World holds hidden from everyone but the most observant! For a modern lifestyle, district one Dubai villas for sale are available to cater to all your luxurious needs.